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History of the Name:


The Me-Me B's was an exclusive social club created by Amye at the age of four. The name Me-Me came from Amye's inability to pronounce her own name. The B represented the first initial of her last name. The club consisted of Amye's then-closest friends and cousins and she reluctantly trusted and included her older sister, Jennie.

The Me-Me B's thrived for about a week before a darkness fell over the group. In what could only be described as the scorchiest dick move of all time, Jennie staged a coup in which she overthrew Amye as President and Founder, and then proceeded to exile her from her own club.

Today, the Me-Me B's stand for sibling equality. We remember the Great Scorching of 1981, and we renounce all attempts to undermine our power structure. We recognize all siblings are created equal.

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