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Gen X, This is Why is a podcast that re-examines the sometimes bizarre and often scarring media from our shared childhood. Jennie and Amye, sisters and sometimes mortal enemies, are your hosts. Our first stop is Walnut Grove as we take a fresh look at our favorite frontier family (as if we can name another), the Ingalls. There is some seriously weird sh*t in this show that answers a lot of questions...

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History of the Name:


The Me-Me B's was an exclusive social club created by Amye at the age of four. The name Me-Me came from Amye's inability to pronounce her own name. The B represented the first initial of her last name. The club consisted of Amye's then-closest friends and cousins and she reluctantly trusted and included her older sister, Jennie.

The Me-Me B's thrived for about a week before a darkness fell over the group. In what could only be described as the scorchiest dick move of all time, Jennie staged a coup in which she overthrew Amye as President and Founder, and then proceeded to exile her from her own club.

Today, the Me-Me B's stand for sibling equality. We remember the Great Scorching of 1981, and we renounce all attempts to undermine our power structure. We recognize all siblings are created equal.

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